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Lesson Sequence Matters: Implementing the New TEKS Through STEM Inquiry

Heather Ross, Rockwall ISD

Misty Jester, Rockwall ISD

Room: M203

Join us to unlock the secrets to impactful STEM teaching! Discover how intentional lesson sequencing and meaningful inquiry can elevate your classroom in the New Science TEKS Era! We will explore utilizing the 15 STEM teacher actions to promote reflective growth in your teaching practice. We will specifically focus on teacher actions to support implementing inquiry  and uncovering practical, time-efficient strategies that promise immediate impact on student performance.

You will leave this session equipped with actionable insights and a renewed approach to STEM instruction. Don't miss your chance to make every minute count! c

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Make Assessment More Educative by Providing Students With the Feedback They Need to Learn

Vic Sampson, University of Texas

Todd Hunter, Argument-Driven Inquiry

Room: M205

In this session, we reviewed the importance of exit tickets: Assessments are only helpful when guided further instruction. Often, assessments are used to evaluate what students don’t know. How can teachers make daily adjustments to meet the needs of students? Make student learning visible to make adjustments. In this session, teachers and administrators will learn about using formative assessments to make instructional shifts to meet students' learning needs. The intended audience is teachers and administrators for science, math, and engineering courses in grades 3-12.  

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Make Student-Created Word Walls Work for You

Brandie Wolf, Northwest ISD

Sabrina Dowell, Northwest ISD

Room: M207

Do you have students that struggle with the science vocabulary? Interactive word walls can help! This session is based on the work of Dr. Julie Jackson. Participants will be introduced to Dr. Jackson’s five easy steps to create interactive word walls, create a word wall for themselves and even have time to brainstorm ways to turn the concept or Thinking Maps they are already doing in class into an interactive word wall that is proven to be effective. 

Networking and discussion opportunities with peers will occur throughout the session.

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Discover How Easy it is to LOVE Science with Discovery Education!

Evan Sanchez, Discovery Education

Raquel Gruver, Discovery Education

Room: M211

(Presenter Showcase)

Science Techbook for Texas: Discover How Easy it is to Love Science!

Welcome to Discovery Education’s Science Techbook for Texas – where students lead exciting investigations. This brand-new comprehensive core curriculum developed exclusively for the TEKS and ELPS motivates Texas students with exciting labs, interactives, videos, and hands-on activities that connect students to the outside world, awaken their curiosity, and drive active investigations. Join us for an overview of the new Science Techbook and discover how easy it is to love science! 

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3D Lesson Design for the New TEKS: Integrating Phenomena, Science & Engineering Practices, and Recurring Themes & Concepts (2-hour presentation)

Ashley Carter,  Plano ISD

Evan Whitfield, Coppell ISD

Room: M210

(2-hour presentation)

Participants in this session will be immersed in a hands-on experience that begins with an anchoring phenomenon. That phenomenon will then be explored by utilizing Science & Engineering Practices. Reflection on the experience will incorporate content TEKS as well as Recurring Themes & Practices. Participants will see how the 3 dimensions of learning work together simultaneously to create a high-quality, inquiry-based learning experience.

Networking and discussion opportunities with peers will occur throughout the session.


New TEKS Introduction

 Jennipher Eisenstein, Garland ISD

Room: M208

Are you curious about the changes coming to your grade level as the new TEKS are implemented this upcoming year? Do you wonder how these changes affect the vertical flow of elementary-level scientific learning? Join fellow educators from multiple grade levels as we dive deeper into the new TEKS, discuss some of the big changes coming, and how these changes help grow our students, and even ourselves, as citizen scientists.  


Break the Code of the New Science TEKS 

Kaley Douglas, Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt

Room: M212

(Product Showcase)

Improve your knowledge of the new TEKS as you complete hands on activities and race against the clock to escape to the FUNomenal side of science! Solve riddles using everyday phenomena, uncover clues in hands-on activities, crack the code of the SEPs and RTCs! 

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Show me the Moo-ney! Determine the Genetics of a CA$H-Cow

Mallorie Parks, Crandall ISD

Room: M206

Agriculture, biology, and business knowledge are all needed on the modern farm. In this hands-on workshop, use gel electrophoresis to determine the genetic profiles of bulls and cows for a gene responsible for a key protein needed for cheese production and use Punnett Squares to evaluate possible genotypes for offspring with the best return on investment. Determine the genetic profile of individual cattle and which pair will breed a Ca$h Cow!

Light is both a powerful tool for understanding the universe around us and evidence of the quantum world. Join two scientists/educators in an exploration of the intersection of light and the new physics TEKS, including classroom-friendly approaches to light’s particle-wave duality. Our journey will include the breadth of the electromagnetic spectrum, how light behaves like other waves, the emission spectra of atoms, the photoelectric effect, how the superposition of quantum states is related to light, and more!


Visual Voyage: Spark Curiosity in the 9-12 Classroom through the Power of Visual Media 

Vicki Roberts, McGraw Hill

Room: M209

Join us in this captivating session where we dive into the world of visual media and explore how it can ignite learning in the 9-12 classroom. We explore practical strategies and innovative ideas for incorporating visual media effectively into their science curriculum. Discover how to create compelling visual resources, leverage multimedia platforms, and harness the power of visual storytelling to make complex scientific concepts come alive, empowering your students to become active participants in their own learning journey. 

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